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Frequently Asked Questions

What is ECU tuning and how does it work?


Most modern vehicles contain an ECU (or Engine Control Unit) which controls how the engine operates. ECU tuning is basically the modification/replacement of the manufacturer’s default software on a vehicle’s ECU to achieve higher levels of output and efficiency. The reason why manufactures did not maximize the software settings is because their vehicles are sold all over the world with different environmental condition and varying fuel quality.We replace the default software that comes with your vehicle with our customized software which optimizes the overall performance.

What kind of warranty do you provide?


We offer 6 months warranty for the proper functioning of our software. In any case your vehicle’s software is updated by the manufacturer, we will also provide you with the update free of charge. We guarantee that the software is customized individually to suit your vehicle’s setup.We also offer a 7 days money back guarantee.

Any consequences on your vehicle’s factory warranty?


Any modifications done to your vehicle has the potential to affect your vehicle’s factory warranty. Although ECU tuning is not physically visible, and certain car manufacturers are not able to detect our tuning, it is advisable to have your car reverted to factory software before sending it for warranty claims. We provide this service free of charge, however, an appointment must be made prior sending your vehicle to us. You do not need to revert to factory software for normal service and maintenance of your vehicle.

What are the differences between ECU tuning and tuning boxes?


A tuning box is a physical module that is connected to one or multiple sensors on your vehicle. It alters and falsifies by lowering the signal sent to the ECU, so the ECU would in return attempt to increase the signal back to the standard specified threshold. This is a dangerous and damaging way in tuning a vehicle.Because there are many maps inside the engine management that each have a task to fulfill. Boost control, timing, torque, mixture and so on. Altogether thousands of them.One very important map is the latter, the mixture. It tells the engine which lambda value to target. By default, the cars are made to run at the possible best efficiency. Means only as much fuel as needed to run at the power the manufacturer promises – given any fuel quality. But once you alter the power output and increase boost, the mixture the engine targets will not provide the appropriate level of cooling to operate safely and prevent excessive heat and knocking. We make the mixture richer to provide extra safety when increasing power output. A piggyback cannot do that.

Effects after ECU Remapping


- General increase in power and torque
- Lower fuel consumption
- Smoother and more responsive drive

Will ECU tuning damage my engine?


No. Modern vehicles comes with knock sensors which will automatically reduce power if certain run conditions are not met. We retain all safety functions and tune your vehicle within the safe limit and tolerance as specified by the manufacturers. This will not decrease the lifespan nor the wear and tear of your vehicle.

How long does it take to tune my vehicle?


Normally the process takes 2 – 4 hours (note that some vehicles might take longer). We adjust the settings individually to achieve the best result suited for your vehicle.

Is the power increase felt instantly after tuning?


In normal circumstances, you should be able to feel the power increment right after tuning. However, there’s a run-in period of about 100 – 200km for the ECU to fully adapt the new settings, depending of your vehicle’s make and model.

What fuel should I use after tuning?


We highly recommend premium fuel, with RON97 and above. However, if you still wish to use fuel with RON lower than 97, please notify us in advance so we can perform the tune according to your request.