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Project'A is a global leader in the automotive performance industry, offering engine tuning services, performance upgrades, and a wide range of performance parts to drivers around the world. Founded in Hamburg, Germany, Project A Automotive SDN BHD was founded in February 2016. We have since established ourselves as a leading player in the automotive industry. Our dedication to providing quality services and solutions to our clients has driven our success, and has enabled us to expand our operations globally. With a strong presence in countries including Germany, the USA, Malaysia, Thailand, Japan, Taiwan, Singapore, Australia, Vietnam, Cambodia, Indonesia, Lebanon, and Puerto Rico, Project'A is dedicated to helping drivers unlock the full potential of their vehicles.

Michael Knaus is the founder of Project'A, a company specializing in automotive tuning and performance. Originally from Hamburg, Germany, Michael brings 12 years of experience as a master tuner and CEO, overseeing the technical aspects of the company. Joshua Lim, co-founder and the COO of Project'A, hails from Kuala Lumpur, Malaysia, and is responsible for business development, dealer relations, and division management. Together, they bring a unique blend of technical expertise and business acumen to the world of automotive performance.

Our team of experts is committed to providing the highest quality products and services, and we are proud to carry some of the biggest names in the automotive industry, including WagnerTuning, Milltek, IPE Exhausts, TheTurboEngineers, and our own in-house developed downpipes and turbochargers.

In addition to engine tuning services, we also offer a full range of performance parts and workshop facilities. Our state-of-the-art workshop is equipped with the latest tools and technology, and our team of skilled technicians is committed to delivering the best results for every job.

We also offer fleet management services. Our tuning for trucks is designed to reduce carbon footprint and improve fuel efficiency, which reduces their operating costs in the long run. Our fleet management solutions are tailored to help businesses optimize their operations and reduce their environmental impact.

At Project'A, we believe that every vehicle has the potential to perform at its best. Whether you're a seasoned motorsport enthusiast or a weekend hobbyist, our mission is to help you unleash the power of your engine and achieve your performance goals. Contact us today and let us help you get the most out of your ride.

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We are dedicated to making your dreams a reality by offering tailored tuning solutions that are customized to meet your specific needs and preferences, all while making you fall in love with your car again.

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People Behind Our Success

Professional Team

At Project'A we take pride in our highly skilled and professional tuning and mechanical team. Our team has many years of experience and are experts in their field. They are passionate about cars and are always up to date with the latest technologies and trends. This allows them to provide the best possible service to our customers.

Advance Technology

The advancement of technology has revolutionized the way we tune cars. It is now possible to use sophisticated computer software and hardware to accurately and quickly adjust the performance of a car. This includes adjusting fuel delivery, air/fuel ratios, ignition timing, and other engine parameters. This technology helps to maximize engine performance, efficiency, and overall driving experience.

Certificated experts

Our certified experts specialize in tuning cars to get the most out of their performance. With years of experience and knowledge, we can custom-tune your vehicle to enhance the power, torque, and overall performance. Our experts can also help you choose the right components and parts to get the most out of your car, whether you need an engine rebuild, a turbocharger upgrade, or a complete suspension overhaul. With our certified experts, you can be sure your car will be running at its best.